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See generally Calamita, supra note 40 (arguing that states retain the right "to take unilateral countermeasures in response to wrongful acts").
The policy was a very good compromise among environmentalists, large and small communities, EPA and state regulators," Calamita said.
calamita discriminated in its choice of breeding sites and sought out unshaded pools with shallow margins and avoided shady or steep-sided ponds and ponds with acidic waters.
In "Equilibrio in pezzi" and later poems Majorino's verse achieves at times an epigrammatic form and finish, heightening his sense of moral and political commitment: "I figli dei ricchi / hanno un tale rimorso / che noi figli dei poveri / siamo fuori concorso" ("Reaz"); or "non sono abbastanza poeta: / la calamita dei versi / e stata / lei pure / calamitata" ("Basta").
144) that a production of Carlo Goldoni's libretto La calamita de' cuori in 1753 included an aria-text borrowed from Goldoni's La finta semplice is difficult to reconcile with the date to which La finta semplice is normally assigned, 1764.
Gli occhi semispenti lo rivelavano colpito da calamita superiore a ogni umana consolazione.
15 O priciosa malgarita, sovra l'anto cel si scita; vui si stela calamita ch'a l'om mostra la via drita, ch'a Deo se vol retornaro.
Rickard states that the translocation of Bufo calamita is the only successful establishment of a threatened species.
Calamita A, Dichi I, Papini-Berto SJ, Dichi JB, Angeleli AY, Vannucchi H, et al.
We believe the area of Business Performance Management will be a driving force in improving our clients' profitability and competitive advantages both today and in the future," says Paul Calamita, Managing Director, AMEX TBS's emerging consulting practice.
today announced the appointment of Valter Calamita as its new Chief Financial Officer.