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Among them, the full line of business-use calculators is designed specifically to facilitate the calculations people need to do on-site in various fields.
This article is Part 1 of a three part report that documents the findings of a research project that investigated the mathematical calculations completed by adults in their everyday, non-occupational lives in an Australian context.
Contract notice: Framework agreement lot d engineering: mechanical design and structures calculations.
Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual: Construction, Design Fabrication and Examination, 2nd Edition
GPA 2172-09 sets the standard for calculations stemming from gas analysis.
Exact calculations for the internal load distribution in the bearing are performed, including contact pressure with the actual rolling element profile and various pre-load classes.
The information analytical system of a heat supply and power savings represents set of software for storage of the necessary information on elements of structure of systems of a heat supply, powerful toolkit of input and updating of the graphic and parametrical data, and also operative conducting hydraulic and thermal calculations of modes of operation and adjustment of heating networks.
This updated guidance from CCFRA will help meat product manufacturers gain a full understanding of meat content calculations to help them ensure accurate and legal meat content declarations on products in the light of the recent legislative changes regarding what can be included as meat.
We checked them against our hand calculations on dozens of underwriting submissions, and his results agreed with ours every time.
It considers the cost, chemistry and availability of a metalcaster's melt stocks in the calculations, which can be tailored to reflect melt losses from contamination, paint, oil and rust, as well as element by element losses while melting.
BEARINX performs rolling bearing calculations and enables users to analyse bearing supports in huge detail, from single bearings via complex shaft or linear guidance systems, to entire gearboxes.
Watch for potential effects on rebate amounts and refund calculations.