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No such study has been carried out in our setup, to compare these two commonly used packing procedures after Caldwell-Luc operation. However a study was carried out by Callejo et al who compared the two types of nasal packing for posterior epistaxis i.e Foley's catheters and BIPP gauze packs8.
There are many procedures available depending on the involvements of lesion, [sup][1],[2] such as midfacial desgloving approach, Denker or modified Dener operation, Caldwell-Luc operation, medial maxillectomy, etc.
Background: This retrospective study was conducted to describe and compare the clinical characteristics of primary mucoceles occurring in patients without a previous history of sinus surgery, the cause of mucoceles and secondary mucoceles resulting as a complication following endoscopic sinus surgery, and the Caldwell-Luc operation. Materials and Methods: This study reviewed 18 cases of primary mucoceles and 21 cases of secondary mucoceles, who were diagnosed and had received surgical intervention between 1995 and 2012.
[1] The Endoscopic-assisted intranasal excision took the second position followed by Lateral Rhinotomy, Caldwell-Luc operation, Weber-Ferguson and simple external excision in descending order.