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A list of cases that are awaiting trial or other settlement, often called a trial list or docket.

A special calendar is an all-inclusive listing of cases awaiting trial; it contains dates for trial, names of counsel, and the estimated time required for trial. It is maintained by a trial judge in some states and by a court clerk in others.

Calendar call is a court session during which the cases that await trial are called in order to determine the current status of each case and to assign a trial date.

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1) n. the list of cases to be called for trial before a particular court; 2) v. to set and give a date and time for a case, petition or motion to be heard by a court. Usually a judge, a trial setting commissioner, or the clerk of the court calendars cases.

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a listing of cases that are ready to be heard.
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Lazio sporting director Igli Tare said: "No more than two weeks ago there was yet another meeting with him (Calenda).
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"Italy will help Tunisia in its economic recovery," Calenda said, on the fringes of Tunisia's National Day, organised as part of the Universal Exhibition Expo Milano 2015 held from May 1 to October 31, 2015.
Italy would like to be a driver of this new page of history and Cuba will surely be." "We want to join forces in combating injustice and poverty," Renzi added while announcing that Carlo Calenda, the Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Mario Giro, Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, will soon go on an official visit to Cuba.
In her opening speech, Bolli highlighted the fact that FILO with its high end products range represents a valuable and integral part of the production chain.This show has been chosen as one of the showcases of our excellence industry to support the promotional plan for textiles launched by the deputy minister Carlo Calenda last month.
Carlo Calenda, the Italian Vice Minister of Economic Development , Mr.
Keynote speakers at the symposium will be Jack So, Chairman, HKTDC; John Tsang, Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR Government; and Carlo Calenda, Vice Minister of Economic Development of Italy.
Pour sa part, le ministre italien Delegue pour le Developpement Economique, Carlo Calenda a souligne que les relations economiques entre la Maroc et l'Italie ont connu, au cours des dernieres annees, un accroissement aussi bien "qualitatif que quantitatif" et les echanges commerciaux entre les deux pays ont plus que double durant le derniere decennie notant que ce genre de manifestation economique a pour objectif de renforcer le partenariat et les investissements entre les hommes d'affaires italiens et leurs homologues marocains et de consolider les liens entre les deux pays.
Carlo Calenda, deputy minister of economic development in Italy, said that the Omani delegation's visit to Italy provided them with an overview about the many investment opportunities in Oman.
Carlo Calenda, Italy's deputy minister of Economic Development, said the partnership between Italy and the UAE is poised to grow further.
Commenting on the deal, Merieux Developpement partner Valerie Calenda underscored the impressive clinical data of the target's prostate cancer imaging programme.