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TO scan the horizon of Southern California's future over the next 20 years is to see a diverse, thriving region blessed with compelling opportunities for robust economic expansion.
Census data, 1997 tax obligations paid in 1998 and final audits of 1998 federal budget outlays to document California's imbalance of payments.
No one better understands California's unique political balance or has a better appreciation of what it takes to get things done in this state," said George D.
17140 only specifies tax treatment for California's Golden State ScholarShare program, not all Sec.
We need to help California's utilities meet their renewable resource goals.
We are excited to be part of helping California ISO reduce energy market inefficiencies and manage the flow of electricity along California's open-market wholesale power grid.
This was not due to California's higher incomes chasing upscale housing.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) today unanimously paved the way for California to move into a new electricity era -- one that restores confidence in energy markets and lays the groundwork for meeting California's growing power needs.
Californians Against Higher Taxes, the No on Proposition 87 campaign; the California Chamber of Commerce; and the California Taxpayers' Association, today asked a state court in Alameda County to stop the initiative's proponents from breaking California's political cyberfraud law and trying to mislead voters who use the Internet to learn more about the November election.
The California Escrow Association (CEA) today announced its continued opposition to the reduction of escrow fees being proposed by Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi, citing a reduction in both competition and service in California's escrow and real estate markets.
2) Teachers -- College-educated and responsible for the futures of California's children, teachers remain in dire need of affordable homes.
from the University of California, Davis, California's Enterprise Zones in fact "hit the mark," creating much needed jobs and economic stimulus in the depressed parts of the state.

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