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By identifying those English-induced lexical units in the dailies, we would be clearly collecting valuable corpus-driven data, which would not only provide us with quantitative evidence of the use of loanwords and calques, but also convey adopted cultural features.
On the contrary, the presence of English is much more evident in the connotative aspects of the language, as it is linked to a sense of efficiency that renders Italian more permeable to a higher frequency of abbreviations, inscriptions, and especially calques, which deeply model contemporary Italian.
The phrases belonging to TC, phraseological calques from French crema de fata (face cream) (cf.
Now, we will analyse using of calques (loan translations) in the Dictionary, which mean expressions adopted by one language (Lithuanian, in our case) from another (English) in a more or less literally translated form (The New Oxford Dictionary of English 2001).
Beef is also a part of the phrase--miec z kims beef which is a calque of an English phrase to have beef with somebody.
Following previous studies, it was established that the categories that would be most impacted by time pressure would be typographic and spelling mistakes, lexical and syntactic calques, inadequate omissions and additions.
Le calque technoscientifique: un procede neologique avantageux pour la terminologie francaise?
Comme dans la langue commune, les estrangeirismos conservent leur forme graphique originelle, alors que les emprunts peuvent resulter de calques ou d'adaptation au systeme de la langue cible, tant dans sa forme pure que dans sa forme hybride (terme etranger et une forme vernaculaire).
The word-formation processes of different sociolects can vary, for example some technical languages contain plenty of foreign words and calques (Benko 1998: 231).
En este trabajo Stark identifica 52 prestamos lexicos traducidos, llamados por el "calcos" (usa el galicismo calques, vertido al ingles), incluyendo lo que llamo aqui difrasismos, asi como otros conceptos metaforicos que constan de un solo termino.
calques, as well as any points of difference in content, like additions and omissions, I recorded such parallel pairs.