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A chamber, room, or apartment in old English Law. A judge's chamber. Treasury, chest, or coffer.

To be in camera is to be in private or in chambers.

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Si la gente quitara las tapas y aplastara las botellas, dice Camara, cada camion podria recoger hasta 9,000 libras.
camara plants produced an average ([+ or -] SE) of 1,075 [+ or -] 158 infructescences, each containing 12 [+ or -] 1 fruits per infructescence.
a Camara do Rio de Janeiro tem sido considerada como um exemplo importante da forma original como a Coroa portuguesa concedeu significativas somas de autonomia governativa a instituicao camararia, a despeito do progressivo aumento do numero de instituicoes da alta administracao instaladas na cidade ao longo do seculo XVIII e inicio do XIX.
Camara has spent loan spells with Norwich and Blackpool recently and insists he is a better player than the one who arrived in Scotland nearly four years ago.
With a very strong rear-guard of Chris Woods, Alex Hall and Ebrima Camara controlling the home attack, it came as no surprise when Marske took the lead, a cross from Blair turned in by Camara.
The real star of the show was Senegal striker Camara, who breathed life into his faltering career with his first goals in 20 months.
But Wigan took the lead in 83 minutes when Kevin Kilbane charged down Knight's clearance and the ball fell to Camara who escaped Franck Queudrue to finish superbly.
Substitute Issa Ba converted from close range, after good work from pounds 3million man Camara, to make the game safe for a team strongly fancied to do well in the tournament.
But, by making it clear that they will not accept any cut-price deal, Wolves chief executive Jez Moxey may have triggered a second successive Camara summer transfer saga.
Camara struck after just three minutes and again after 35 as the Saints looked to be cruising into the quarter-finals.
Present in Recife to celebrate Camara were many leading Brazilian church progressives: Archbishop Marcelo Carvalheira, recently retired from Joao Pessoa; Dominican theologian and adviser to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Frei Betto; and Candido Mendes, one of Brazil's leading intellectuals.
In compliance with Chilean regulations, La Camara has written to the Chilean

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