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A chamber, room, or apartment in old English Law. A judge's chamber. Treasury, chest, or coffer.

To be in camera is to be in private or in chambers.

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According to her identity card, Seyni Camara was born in 1945 near Oussouye (though in rural Africa birth dates tend to be approximations, even on legal documents).
Bartlett's high ball was controlled beautifully by Camara, who beat his marker and cracked a rising drive past Gerken.
Camara's National Council for Democracy and Development [CNDD] sparked a political crisis when it took power in a military coup.
Camara was previously at Wolves and Wigan and has also been shipped out on loan deals to Celtic, Southampton, West Ham and Stoke.
Camara, 31, spent the whole of last season on loan at West Ham but failed to score a single goal in a nightmare campaign.
At trial, the government introduced evidence of Camara's involvement in five transactions within Ekobena's scheme.

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