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A chamber, room, or apartment in old English Law. A judge's chamber. Treasury, chest, or coffer.

To be in camera is to be in private or in chambers.

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Camara, who is originally from Guinea but now has British citizenship, had been working for a glass company and earned PS14,000 a year.
But the Camaras soon discovered that belonging to both the African and Jewish minorities also came with its own set of challenges, said Amy, the 53-year-old daughter of an Ivorian father and a French Jewish Holocaust survivor.
Powerful and pacy, the former Rennes midfielder is valued at about PS1 million Abdoul Camara with Bakary | Sako at the African Cup of Nations and is very similar in style to Sako.
After Jawara was overthrown by the military in 1994, Camara receded into private life due to a Decree 89 that banned him and others from participating in party politics.
Por eso se equivocan quienes creen que los priistas en ambas Camaras se comportan igual.
A continuacion se modifica la presion del gas en la camara 2, ya sea retirando o introduciendo mas gas.
We hope that our music will speak to people from both our cultures, and beyond," Camara and Sanderson explain.
The family connection can be exposed for the first time today after the Sunday Mercury fought a court battle to identify Dale Camara.
Nikon estima que tas ventas de camaras digitales de todas Las marcas crecieron 30 por ciento en America Latina en 2010 comparado con 2009.
Renowned for her monumental terracotta figures, camara makes sculptural art that is striking, unlike anything I'd seen before.
Leal da Camara (1876-1948) --dibujante, caricaturista, cartelista, pintor, disenador de interiores y de mobiliario-- de nacionalidad portuguesa, estuvo autoexiliado en Espana entre 1898 y 1900.
Marske wrapped up the first half with a third, a floated Ebrima Camara corner headed home by Callum Blair.

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