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I was expected to provide them with camera-ready copy adhering to various typographical standards, including right justification of margins.
FIEJ is distributing essays, statements from press leaders, and camera-ready copy for three display ads in 30 languages.
These are texts inexpensively produced from camera-ready copy, paper bound for student use.
CASE was designed from the beginning to generate computer files of text and apparatus suitable as input to a computer-driven photocomposer to produce camera-ready copy. Proofreading normally done on printers' proofs begins at the very first stages of research.
Documents can go from rough draft through multiple revisions and reviews to become camera-ready copy without anyone placing an editing mark on a manuscript.
IN THE EARLY YEARS of my career, I was not always pleased with the way clients and graphic designers converted my sales letter manuscripts into camera-ready copy.
It is certainly a pity that such a ~wobbly' typescript (literally so, since the text following a superscript note number, for example, on page 1, also appears to remain elevated above the line) was simply reproduced as camera-ready copy onto moderate quality paper.
This month, providers covered by die PSDA will receive copies of the Handbook and camera-ready copy for the patient brochures, to which they can add information about their own policies and the personnel who will answer patients' questions.
The book is produced from camera-ready copy and it is here that the standard of editing could be improved.
SISD now prepares camera-ready copy for a districtwide newsletter, student handbooks, the district's calendar, plus various fliers and pamphlets issued during the school year.
The indexes were processed on an HP 2000 minicomputer with time-sharing, and then printed on a letter-quality daisy wheel printer to produce camera-ready copy.(2)
Without leaving their workstations, writers can then send manuals via the net to a laser printer to create camera-ready copy. Creates User Training Manuals