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calling attention to the inherent campiness of Austen's prose, the
Forget the campiness of the past, 007 is the suited-and-booted menace originally envisioned by creator Ian Fleming.
The writing falls somewhere between the campiness of Capcom's "Dead Rising'' and the somberness of Telltale's "The Walking Dead'' games, with welcome flashes of black comedy to relieve the anxiety.
As the bronco instance indicates, the ranch--El Rancho Macho--also conduces the general campiness of the presentation, and simultaneously attests to the continuing Anglophone tendency to regard Hispanic cultures as unserious, essentially comedic and self-parodic They are above all associated with idleness (manana, manana) and incompetence, as illustrated by a recent racist outburst by Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond, who suggested a Mexican sports car might resemble the nation's people: 'lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight, leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat'.
Though "Batman" was known for a lovable campiness, Semple's work took on a more serious tone as he moved to film.
Sexuality is more fragile than we want to admit," says Tim Curry, star of The Rock Horror Picture Show (Ladies or Gentlemen), and one possible reason for the campiness that exposes a drag queen's gender is so straight men can watch him without fear of attraction (Camille Paglia, ibid).
Waugh satirized Blanche's campiness, but he is nevertheless a sympathetic character.
Much like "Batman Begins" made audiences worldwide forget about the campiness of "Batman & Robin," this reboot plans to wash the "Superman Returns" taste out of audiences' collective mouths.
In other works, more girls, playing cards, a chain saw, and a package of sausages comprise a jokey group, the campiness of which is neither contravened nor secured by its juxtaposition with equally equivocal is its seriousness feigned?
Thus, at the same time Jagger's performance acknowledges its own campiness and artifice, it also is shown to provide a genuine erotic appeal to the audience in his function as go-between, performing and facilitating visceral engagement with the dance rhythms and the fat, blues-inspired sound of Richard's open-tuned guitar.
A late-night assault on a kingpin's mansion errs towards unintentional campiness thanks to a subterranean shark pool.