Can parties settle car accident themselves?

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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

Last week during a heavy snow day, at a traffic signal banged a car from behind. It was just a small accident - as I could not stop my vehicle because of the icy road. the car was a BMW. The driver of the car asked for my driving license and took note of the driving license no. and my address...and also my mobile no. When he asked my Insurance details for him to claim which I told him. not giving as it was a very minor (must be below CAD 1000) (infect just two dots on his bumper) one and let us settle outside the insurance claim. He agreed and told me that he would call me back with the amount of damages. He never called me
and after a week, he went and reported to the Collision centre and the Collision centre called me in turn, asking why I did not report to collision centre and asked me to report one of these days this week. When I asked why I have to as the damages would be less than CAD 1000, the staff told me it was not and it was more than CAD 1000 and hence had to be reported. I am planning to report to the collision centre today or tomorrow. I am not interested to go thru my insurance and I want to settle outside insurance to avoid future insurance rise. Pl advise what is the best option and what are legal complexities involved in this. Can I still settle outside the insurance after reporting to collision centre?


You two can still agree yes--that may be the best solution...
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