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On the one hand, I am one of those who will eagerly (albeit grudgingly) await the publication of Hammer's book, for the simple reason that I believe the canards it may try to perpetuate by denying that what occurred in Namibia was genocide can be challenged
The survey was done by the New York Daily News, which concluded that the books "contain passages that are blatantly anti-Semitic, condemning Jews as a people, repeating old canards about the Jews wanting to kill Christ and faking their Holy Scriptures to mock God.
Are these histories genuine tracings of the development of McElheny's chosen medium, or Borgesian canards as fake as a glass diamond?
More familiar canards are now declaimed: the Church, under Pope Pius XII stayed silent amidst the slaughter, and the Nazis' success in carrying it out was "facilitated by traditional Christian teaching.
Coloring the News is filled with canards and an unsophisticated tendency to see conspiracies behind every door even as it fails to recognize the tremendous change that has occurred in American newsrooms over the past six years.
Still, many Communist sympathizers in the press galleries could not shake loose of their old lock-step prejudices long enough to report on the new release without resorting to the old canards and smears about "witch hunts," "blacklisting," and "ruined lives.
And at least one conservative legislator has used the backlash to reprise canards about homosexuality and child sex abuse.
They proclaimed that the purpose of the President's welfare initiative was to eliminate out-of-wedlock births in the United States--thus playing to one of the vilest rightwing canards.
One of the guidance system concepts would include adding small canards to the nose of the rocket, a low-cost inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a guidance processor.