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Wang, "Analysis of spin-rate property for dual-spin-stabilized projectiles with canards," Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, vol.
In this direction, non-standard analysis was first introduced to detect canard relaxation oscillations in van der Pol equation [1].
Since the dimension of the system is m = k + m, such problem is known as "canards existence in [R.sup.2+2]." Moreover, in this particular case, where k = m = 2, the folded singularities of Wechselberger [11, p.
Autre canard boiteux du groupe Attijari, la [beaucoup moins que]Generale immobiliere du Sud[beaucoup plus grand que] qui exerce dans le domaine de [beaucoup moins que]l'achat, de lotissement et d'amenagement de terrains destines a tout usage, de la construction et la renovation d'immeubles individuels, semi-collectifs et collectifs a usage d'habitation, commercial, professionnel et administratif.
Concomitantemente, por funcionarem num registro, por assim dizer, sensacionalista, os bulletins e, sobretudo, os canards guardam, embora suportes impressos, algo da dinamica dos rumores, da fofoca e, logo, da comunicacao oral.
The aerodynamic forces and moments of the projectile body and lifting canards are a function of both Mach number and angle of attack.
Singhvi said it was lamentable that such canards were being spread about a CD, which has, in fact, been accepted thrice over to be 'fabricated and morphed'.
His primary goal is to prove that the canards' durable popular appeal, and the persistence of their appearance and message, are related directly, if inversely and negatively, to the processes of massive social renewal in whose midst they functioned more as culture's anchor than sail.
Such is the generosity of Africans inspired by the conviction of their ideas that they will grant an opportunity to someone whose views and canards are clearly not worthy of publication.
Best is Canards Sauvages, in which splashes of water provide an irresistible rhythm to Camille's childlike chorus.
The model also included a custom high-speed data acquisition system and high-rate canard actuators capable of deflecting the canards at rates of 1500[degrees] per second, as well as high-performance canard and roll control systems.
In making this argument, he first demonstrates the importance of the news sheets (canards) as a news genre, explores their social composition, and examines the issue of political censorship, before reviewing representations of crime and criminal justice in the canards as a window into the larger public's vision of crime and justice.