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As the New Hampshire Legislatures Commission on the Seacoast Cancer Cluster Investigation begins its work to build on the task forces efforts, we hope the EPA will continue to engage in this important process and to present information in a timely and transparent manner, the Senators continued.
What was tested was not what we were drinking," said Linda Gillick, chairwoman of the Citizen's Action Committee on Childhood Cancer Cluster.
As evidence mounts that tar sands development in Northern Alberta is polluting groundwater and rivers, and that a cancer cluster may be growing downstream, the takeaway from Toms River is this: a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens is the only way to hold corporations and governments accountable for the injustices they perpetrate.
A new toolkit on how to talk with communities about suspected cancer clusters is now available.
A cancer cluster is defined as a greater-than-expected number of cancer cases that occur within a group of people in a geographic area over a period of time.
6) Furthermore, methods used to assess cancer clustering in community settings rarely lead to confirmation of a cancer cluster or causes (2) due to multiple factors, including lack of good data regarding exposure levels and small populations being investigated.
No-one knows what is causing the deadly cancer cluster, but residents are living in fear as they wait to see who will be struck down next.
And yesterday campaigners demanding a full scale probe into the cancer cluster insisted: Enough is enough.
State vows to open new office in Acreage to study cancer cluster [Palm Beach Post]
In a news item about a cancer cluster at a hospital in New South Wales, a member of the expert panel investigating the situation, Professor Bruce Armstrong, pointed out that this cluster was either caused by some environmental factor, or it "simply occurred by chance" (Kerrin, 2007).
Mr Dolan refers to the cancer cluster near the site.
For obvious reasons, a childhood cancer cluster located near a hazardous waste site is a serious public health concern.

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