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Every year, more than 1,000 suspected disease clusters are reported to health departments, the majority of which are suspected cancer clusters.
The hallmark characteristics of particular cancers often vary from patient to patient, making cancer cluster investigation a difficult task.
A confirmed cancer cluster could be the result of chance, miscalculation of the expected number of cancer cases (e.
Physicist Dr John Walker, 76, claimed that cancer clusters could be blamed on the 27-metre mast at St Edward's Primary School after being contacted by resident Jackie Slater.
In another part of the country, New York's Westchester and Suffolk counties and the state of New Jersey have appropriated funds to study areas near nuclear plants where cancer clusters are suspected.
Were that true it would probably be the most amazing cancer cluster in history.
Freiwald, 48, is lead counsel for the Plaintiffs in the McCullom Lake brain cancer cluster litigation and other environmental tort cases.
The 4th annual European Cancer Cluster Partnering event brings together a diverse and international community looking to develop market-ready innovations in oncology.
Concern about a possible cancer cluster in the Acreage community in Palm Beach County is hurting real estate transactions in the area, the Palm Beach Post reported.
Sheila Kuehl, D-Los Angeles, asked the California Department of Public Health to investigate the possibility of a cancer cluster after she learned that nine children in the area had been diagnosed with retinoblastoma -- an aggressive eye cancer.
I hope this review provides reassurance to employees and the local community that a cancer cluster at Bowral Hospital can be ruled out,' he said.