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REGISTRY. A book authorized by law, in which writings are registered or recorded. Vide To Record; Register.

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Schumer therefore said a national firefighter cancer registry is needed, so experts and researchers can more effectively monitor nationwide trends and incidences of cancer among firefighters both career and volunteer.
8% agreement (57 of 68 invasive vulvar carcinoma cases) for invasive vulvar cancers, which is somewhat lower than previous studies reviewing cancer registry quality.
In this study, a systematic examination of cancer incidence and mortality of Wuwei residents was performed using data from a population-based cancer registry over the course of 10 years.
Usman Qureshi briefed about the working of Cancer Registry and said that it would give an exact picture of disease, adding,that it would maintain data on a particular type of cancer such as data on breast cancer.
It was observed that in different hospital based cancer registry in India it also ranked 1st to 3rd but proportion of cases are more.
Pyramid offers a complete best-practice suite of revenue cycle solutions, including coding services (on-site and remote), HIM services, cancer registry, revenue cycle, revenue discovery, charge capture, accounts receivable management, patient financial services, human resources, managed care services, and education and training.
The ministry is expecting to open the new cancer registry centers by the end of the year.
Long establish Cancer Registry w/long standing accts Orlando to Miami.
Dubai: The lack of a national cancer registry hinders efforts to address the cancer burden more effectively said a top official during the UAE Cancer Congress 2102 which opened on October 11, 2012.
The Cali Cancer Registry was started 50 years ago as a research program of the Department of Pathology of Universidad del Valle.
1) Establishing a comprehensive population-based cancer registry in South Africa is most important and long overdue.

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