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2004: Conservation action plan for the golden jackal (Canis aureus L.
canis developed symptoms similar to the symptoms caused by Brucella's wild-type strains (24, 33).
El objetivo del presente estudio fue determinar la prevalencia de enteroparasitos en cachorros (Canis lupus familiaris) de la ciudad de Puno y evaluar si la presencia de parasitismo intestinal esta asociada a la raza y al tipo de comercializacion.
canis. The analysis of our sampled areas confirmed a considerably high T.
canis infection through direct contact with infected dogs or their reproductive or blood products (30-32).
Influence of anaemia on azotemia in dogs infected with Babesia canis in Poland.
In recent years one of the finest deep-sky objects in Canis Major has finally started receiving the greater attention it deserves.
Mirfield veterinary surgeon Andrew Arnold, who has been with Donaldson's for 12 years, said the risks of Giardiasis and Toxocara canis could be minimised by commonsense attitudes.
Los perros son los hospederos de Toxocara canis; en estos, la via de infeccion es por ingesta de huevos o al ingerir hospedadores de transporte (paratenesis).
canis in NHP dermatology, especially in new world primates, are very rare in literature (FOWLER & CUBAS, 2001).