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This data will not only assist SugarBud in determining the optimal cannabis strains for production from an economic standpoint, it will also ensure that SugarBuds customers are provided with a diverse product offering and certainty regarding the cannabis that they are consuming.
"The cancer cuts those off, but what the oil does is send an electrical spark to the receptors and they realise an alien - the cancer - is invading your body and your immune system hits back in and starts fighting the cancer "It makes the cancer cells die." The substance is often derived from low THC, which is the component in marijuana that can make you feel 'stoned', and instead utilises high CBD - which isn't psychoactive - cannabis strains.
Its mission has been to develop the most effective proprietary cannabis strains for specific disease conditions and to provide doctors and patients with conclusive science evidence to recommend and use medical marijuana with confidence.
Using liquid chromatography, the researchers compared the physical makeup of the NIDA cannabis strains to strains publically available in Denver, Oakland, Sacramento and Seattle.
Individual pharmacokinetic variability, combined with varying phytochemical levels in different Cannabis strains, poses a key clinical challenge in treatment and is suggestive that a "one size fits all approach" is highly unlikely to achieve optimal efficacy when it comes to medicinal Cannabis, but rather demonstrates support for an individualised patient-based approach to care.
Cannabis strains that are high-CBD only contain trace amounts of THC, so there's no psychoactive effects associated with them.
In marijuana culture, 'skunk' refers to strong-smelling cannabis strains. We liked that, so we adopted it.
Concerning use of the term "cultivar" Small (page 214) tells us that, "Article 2.2 of the [ICNCP] forbids the use of the term "strain" as equivalent to "cultivar" for the purpose of formal recognition" and explains that, "Although Cannabis strains are conceptually identical to Cannabis cultivars, in this review the strain names are not denoted in single quotes, the convention for cultivar names.
Accounting for the vast majority of cannabis strains are "hybrids" consisting of a combination of Indica and Sativa.
Terpenes contribute to the overall flavor profile of various cannabis strains and are suspected to enhance some of the medicinal benefits of cannabis.
As such, pot parties have become the new cheese and wine nights and at posh dos canapes tend to be paired up with precise cannabis strains.
Fiber-producing Cannabis strains from Europe were first introduced into the Americas by Spanish, French, and British colonists in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.