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Home canning reduces waste, since it lets you store each season's excess produce for out-of-season use.
These brands have been canned using a mobile canning service.
It would stand to reason that the people who grow their %1MMI own vegetables and fruits would be interested in canning," she says.
While Reidel's most recent survey results were mixed on whether more Americans are canning, some housewares manufacturers have embraced the trend.
Welz said that they realized canning has all other advantages.
Some consumers are wary, though, of the effects of canning on the nutrition, taste and safety of food.
In 2003, Allen Canning announced that it had purchased Birds Eye Foods' Veg-All canning subsidiary in Green Bay, Wis.
Canning is a method of preserving that involves heating foods to sterilize them and then sealing them into airtight containers.
But people have been canning for centuries, while shelf-stable technology is only about three years old.
A new treatment he developed can restore most of the firmness -- and crispness, if desired -- now lost during commercial food canning.