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CANNON SHOT, war. The distance which a cannon will throw a ball. 2. The whole space of the sea, within cannon shot of the coast, is considered as making a part of the territory; and for that reason, a vessel taken under the cannon of a neutral fortress, is not a lawful prize. Vatt. b. 1, c. 23, s. 289, in finem Chitt. Law of Nat. 113; Mart. Law of Nat. b. 8, c. 6, s. 6; 3 Rob. Adm. Rep. 102, 336; 5 Id. 373; 3 Hagg. Adm. R. 257. This part of the sea being considered as part of the adjacent territory, (q.v.) it follows that magistrates can cause the orders of their governments to be executed there. Three miles is considered as the greatest distance that the force of gunpowder can carry a bomb or a ball. Azun. far. Law, part 2, c. 2, art. 2, Sec. 15; Bouch. Inst. n. 1848. The anonymous author of the poem, Della Natura, lib. 5, expresses this idea in the following lines: Tanto slavanza in mar questo dominio, Quant esser puo d'antemurale e guardia, Fin dove puo da terra in mar vibrandosi Correr di cavo bronzo acceso fulinine. Far as the sovereign can defend his sway, Extends his empire o'er the watery way; The shot sent thundering to the liquid plain, Assigns the limits of his just domain. Vide League.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Unruffled, however, was the Alnmouth man who was in the firing line when the Scots sailor John Paul Jones, fighting for the rebels in the American War of Independence, attacked Whitehaven in Cumbria in his ship Ranger, and is said to have fired a cannon shot at Alnmouth church.
No two commanders would describe a battle in the same way, especially not when they are all still damp from sweat and sea spray, their ears still ringing from the cannon shot, and the screams of the injured still audible from below decks.
The Last Post was sounded and a single cannon shot fired in remembrance of those killed during armed conflict, including for Britain during World War One and in service with the UN.
The Imams were instructed by the Ruler not to call for Iftar until they heard the cannon shot.
The bar and restaurant earned its reputation as a family place of relaxed afternoons, legendary parties into the night, and the famous cannon shot at happy hour each night.
Seavey was said to have paid no attention to signals to drop his sails, prompting the gunboat to end the chase with a well-placed cannon shot along the schooner's waterline.
Gladden of South Carolina, was the other general officer who died after having been struck by a cannon shot. Possibly the best known Confederate officer to be wounded was Brigadier General John C.
The expectation is not unreasonable, as previous recoveries, which included 12 other cannons from the wreck, yielded artifacts from their concretions such as cannon shot, gun flints, and other items of life aboard the vessel.
He is swiftly embroiled in fantastic adventures, first falling from a cliff into the cavernous belly of a whale, there encountering a pirate ship, propelled by cannon shot into a lost world of dinosaurs, borne aloft in the nick of time by a spaceship, only to be hijacked by aliens.
Following the startling cannon shot, the mass start for the 5 km event began.
Once in position, the cannon shot a 200-pound, high-explosive round 1,800 yards into enemy bunkers.
So I believe that 'cannon shot' signalling at Quiberon Bay should not be ruled out.