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Yet, following Griffith's logic, this quotation could be al-Jabbar's "Islamicization" of a related text from one of the canonical Gospels.
Consequently, for balance, I intend to evaluate this particular film from a number of interrelated perspectives, viz: Gibson's declared intentions, the level of historical accuracy, the known development of the canonical Gospels, the theological teachings of both contemporary and sectarian Catholics and most importantly, the phenomenon of the film itself.
We have noted the rejection of the Diatessaron by the early church in favour of the multiple traditions that have come down to us in the four canonical gospels.
He covers the pre-Pauline Easter Gospel, the Gospel of Jesus, the Pauline Gospel, the survival of the Jesus traditions before Mark, the gospel in the Gospel According to Mark, the other canonical gospels, and early Christian literature and canonization.
Three of the four canonical gospels report darkness from noon to 3 PM after the crucifixion.
Though some details differ, all four canonical gospels agree that it was Jesus' female followers who found his tomb empty and that they were the first to be told by an angel or some other heavenly messenger that their spiritual leader had indeed risen from the dead as he had promised.
this is due first to shifts of emphases in the canonical Gospels.
The author strings together Mary Magdalene's appearances in the four canonical Gospels and in the Gnostic gospels of Thomas, Philip and Mary Magdalene--working from a new translation of all three--to create a coherent life story.
The 'gospel' in question was discovered in Egypt in the late 1970s and is a Gnostic account composed in the years after the four canonical Gospels were written.
The adjective "synoptic" not only characterizes his approach but also serves to suggest the similarity between his task and those of students of the "synoptic problem" connected with the first three canonical Gospels.
Although each of these documents was called a "gospel," they are very different from the four canonical gospels.