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She takes as her starting-point Addison's Account of the Greatest English Poets, in which after lauding the canonical names Addison reaches Charles Montagu, a poet of little interest now.
Suffice it to claim that one has, in Jackson Turner, a master narrative of historical development into which all details are melded, and, on the other, we are offered a literary anthology ranging from Smith and the Edgeworths to Julian Barnes and Derrida via Chateaubriand and Hugo, Dickens, Symons, and Arnold, which sweeps up with the canonical names a host of lesser known authors: William Dyce, for instance, and the Reverend George Musgrave Musgrave [sic].
Most of the women writers who excelled in the writing of genres such as drama, poetry, and the novel (and, in many cases, outsold the male writers who have subsequently become the canonical names of the period) have been marginalized, if not completely forgotten.