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CANONIST. One well versed in canon or ecclesiastical law.

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McGuckin notes (216n38), "The canonist Joseph the Egyptian rendered this into Arabic in his collection of canons in the form, 'If anyone turns a monastery into a private home for himself .
1) The conception of just war here was substantially defined by the canonist Gratian in his Decretum and the work of his two generations of successors, the Decretists and the Decretalists, and summarized and placed in a theological framework by Thomas Aquinas.
The canonists contended that a wife was not amenable to rape because a woman gave her consent to any future sexual relations when she agreed to marry.
134) Lest humanistically educated clerics offer its poor Latin style as an excuse for not reading the divine office, Leo X asked Zaccarla Ferreri (1479-1524), a noted poet, theologian, canonist, and one of his domestic prelates, to revise the breviary (so as to remove any false meters and barbaric Latinity) and to rewrite it in good classical fashion.
Earlier Byzantine canonists had understood Cyprian's procedure as superseded by later practice, and had interpreted the apostolic canons in the light of the rulings of Basil the Great, the synod in Trullo, and other ancient authoritative texts.
Since even the canonists recognized the emperor as "lord of the world," (38) he proclaimed the Ghibelline views of the emperor's superiority to the pope and relegated the papacy only to things spiritual: "Among those living in this world and all that belongs to mutable and human things and temporal power, nothing is greater than the Empire": "Unctio enim non facit maiorem eum qui ungit eo qui ungitur" ("Unction does not make him who anoints greater than him who is anointed").
CONTRACEPTION, A HISTORY OF ITS TREATMENT BY THE CATHOLIC THEOLOGIANS AND CANONISTS (1965) (suggesting, prior to Humane Vitae, that not every act of sexual intercourse need be open to procreation).
Yet in the months the book has been out, there have been no critical rebuttals from canonists nor has anyone agreed to engage the author in debate.
Following Hincmar, the Bologna canonists held that it is neither consent nor the nuptial blessing that makes the sacrament, but consummation.
Macy's arguments about how even the role of abbesses came to be reduced by the combined assemblage of university-trained canonists, theologians, philosophers, and popes are compelling.
James Brundage traces the history of the legal profession from its beginning in ancient Rome to its rebirth in the early Middle Ages when it enjoyed a resurgence in the courts of the medieval canonists.
Our consultations with moral theologians and canonists warned us that such steps could raise serious questions about Catholic teaching and the application of canon law," said McCarrick, whose comments were made public eight days later.