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The Protestant and Catholic cantons have since had their separate diets, where all the most important concerns are adjusted, and which have left the general diet little other business than to take care of the common bailages.
What we have done for our canton, every mayor ought, of course, to do for his; the magistrate should work for his town, the sub-prefect for his district, the prefect for the department, and the minister for France, each acting in his own sphere of interest.
France, no doubt, possesses more than one well-educated man and more than one patriot in every commune; but I am fully persuaded that not every canton can produce a man who to these valuable qualifications unites the unflagging will and pertinacity with which a blacksmith hammers out iron.
Credit Suisse's most recent locational quality analysis shows that Cantons Zug and Zurich continue to lead the rankings.
Intensive locational competition is forcing the Swiss cantons and regions to take steps to make themselves more attractive to inward investors.
Findings from the triennial survey of 400,000 15-year-old students from around the globe revealed those in Switzerland's German-speaking cantons were at the top of their class in each of the three subjects examined: math, science and reading.
Switzerland, after all, is a country which is used to diversity, with its four national languages and its largely self-governing cantons.
The jury draws on a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the approximately 2,100 web presences of federal offices, cantons and local authorities.
If you moved to one of these cantons now, you would have to wait the full two or five years to apply for Swiss citizenship.
Alba Canton and Eduardo Antonio Garcia were booked Monday into the Van Nuys Jail in the July 28 stabbing of 44-year-old Carlos Canton.