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e] are curve fitting parameters determined from a plot of the capillary pressure as a function of Se on a log-log plot.
12] has to eliminate the downstream capillary pressure [DELTA][p.
The capillary pressure that deforms the latex particles also causes stress within a drying coating.
First, tissue interface pressures do not directly measure internal tissue and capillary pressures.
Secondly, it occurs under poorly defined and changing conditions such as changes in available capillary pressure and changes in the amount of entrained air in wood capillaries that are crucial for wood permeability (Comstock 1967; Petty 1978; Siau 1984, 1995).
A simple correlation between permeabilities and mercury capillary pressure.
Cardiac catheterization revealed pulmonary hypertension with a mean pulmonary arterial pressure of 62 mm Hg and a pulmonary capillary pressure of 35 mm Hg (normal, 30 and 12 mm Hg, respectively).
The board of peat moss is capable of absorbing the non-aqueous liquid under the effect of capillary pressure.
Capillary pressure in the wick maintains continuous circulation between the liquid and vapor phases.
Normal fluid dynamics involve hydrostatic pressures such as colloid osmotic pressure, capillary pressure and interstitial pressure that keep a balance of flow and substance among the blood circulatory system, the interstitium and the lymph system.