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CAPITA, or PER CAPITA. By heads. An expression of frequent occurrence in laws regulating the distribution of the estates of persons dying intestate. When all the persons entitled to shares in the distribution are of the same degree of kindred to the deceased person, (e.g. when all are grandchildren,) and claim directly from him in their own right and not through an intermediate relation, they take per capita, that is, equal shares, or share and share alike. But when they are of different degrees of kindred, (e. g. some the children, others the grandchildren or the great grandchildren of the, deceased,) those more remote take er stirpem or per stirpes, that is, they take respectively the shares their parents (or other relation standing in the same degree with them of the surviving kindred entitled) who are in the nearest degree of kindred to the intestate,) would have taken had they respectively survived the intestate. Reeves' Law of Descent, Introd. xxvii.; also 1 Rop. on Leg. 126, 130. See Per Capita; Per Stirpes; Stirpes;

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After costs, I'd estimate PS21 million a year is the actual payout Capita gets out of the Service Birmingham contract.
Overall, Tunisia ranked 89th globally, with per capita estimated at approximately $10,200 a year.
The BETAM research focuses on the evolution of the main factors that contributed to this striking per capita income increase at the beginning and its abrupt stop at the end of the research period.
In return, Capita employees can enjoy working in a rewarding environment where worker s feel valued, cared for, invested in and respected.
A Capita spokesman said: "Following a review of Capita Document and Information Services' operations, it has been concluded that, to ensure its ability to meet growing demand, investment in a new print facility is required.
A 1995 study by Manfred Max-Neef showed that the per capita GPI of wealthy nations started to fall when the per capita GDP reached around $15,000-$20,000 (Max-Neef, 1995).
On a global basis, Lebanon gross national income per capita at FFF GNI per capita was higher than the one of Panama, Kazakhstan and Costa Rica and lower than that one of Mauritius, Montenegro and Botswana Among UMIC's, Lebanon's GNI per capita was higher than that of South Africa and Grenada and lower than that of Malaysia and Argentina.
Unite now has major concerns about the future of the Capita operation in Glasgow, which will also be badly hit as the company presses ahead with plans to axe many hundreds of jobs as it transfers the bulk of its customer services to Mumbai.
As part of the transfer, over 800 CFS colleagues will transfer employment to Capita under TUPE legislation with effect from Monday 19 November 2007.
We've brought together some well established and noted practices over the past few years, and fused their creativity with the financial backing and nous of Capita Symonds, one of the UK's largest multidisciplinary consultancies (and its FTSE100 parent).
That is about what fraction of Somalia's per capita GDP?
Yet, as reported by the Arizona Republic, "half of these countries have seen a decline in real per capita income.