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CAPITA, or PER CAPITA. By heads. An expression of frequent occurrence in laws regulating the distribution of the estates of persons dying intestate. When all the persons entitled to shares in the distribution are of the same degree of kindred to the deceased person, (e.g. when all are grandchildren,) and claim directly from him in their own right and not through an intermediate relation, they take per capita, that is, equal shares, or share and share alike. But when they are of different degrees of kindred, (e. g. some the children, others the grandchildren or the great grandchildren of the, deceased,) those more remote take er stirpem or per stirpes, that is, they take respectively the shares their parents (or other relation standing in the same degree with them of the surviving kindred entitled) who are in the nearest degree of kindred to the intestate,) would have taken had they respectively survived the intestate. Reeves' Law of Descent, Introd. xxvii.; also 1 Rop. on Leg. 126, 130. See Per Capita; Per Stirpes; Stirpes;

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Six Member States recorded AIC per capita 25% or more below the EU average.
The agency also declared that the self-sufficiency rate of fruits reached 99.3% in 2017, with an average fruits consumption per capita of 62.9 kg up from 62.6 kg in 2016, an increase of 0.5%.
An official release said, "As per the information received from State Governments, the details of Per Capita Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) in different States alongwith average Per Capita Net National Income for the last three years, calculated at current and constant prices with base year 2011-12."
Per capita income is one of the most widely used measures of the general well being in an economy.
The proceeds of the rights issue, part of a major overhaul, will be used to reduce Capita's debt and make investments.
At the beginning of February, Capita stated that all outstanding claims submitted on time and containing the right information had been paid.
The BOK's baseline expectation on Korea's nominal per capita GNI this year is $29,561.
In the third quarter of 2017, the so-called Gross National Income per capita was P43,703, according to last week's new report of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
UK-based customer and business process services provider Capita plc has closed the sale of the Capita Asset Services businesses to Link Administration Holdings Ltd for a cash free, debt free consideration of GBP 888m (USD 1.165bn), the group said.
ABSTRACT: The purpose of this research is to know the contribution of Gross Regional Domestic Product, population growth to per capita income partially, and effort that can be done to improve product quality, agricultural product and human resource so that they can increase people's income.
Glasgow-based Capita has agreed to a contract extension until 2020 to provide mortgage services to Tesco Bank.