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CAPITA, or PER CAPITA. By heads. An expression of frequent occurrence in laws regulating the distribution of the estates of persons dying intestate. When all the persons entitled to shares in the distribution are of the same degree of kindred to the deceased person, (e.g. when all are grandchildren,) and claim directly from him in their own right and not through an intermediate relation, they take per capita, that is, equal shares, or share and share alike. But when they are of different degrees of kindred, (e. g. some the children, others the grandchildren or the great grandchildren of the, deceased,) those more remote take er stirpem or per stirpes, that is, they take respectively the shares their parents (or other relation standing in the same degree with them of the surviving kindred entitled) who are in the nearest degree of kindred to the intestate,) would have taken had they respectively survived the intestate. Reeves' Law of Descent, Introd. xxvii.; also 1 Rop. on Leg. 126, 130. See Per Capita; Per Stirpes; Stirpes;

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NHS England told us it has continued to receive clinical correspondence from Capita, running at approximately 5,000 to 10,000 items of clinical correspondence a month.
This separates the consumption pie from the investment pie; dividing it by the estimated population gives consumption per capita.
Economic development states that to see the pace of development of a State and the development of the welfare level of its people, the increment of regional income and income per capita from time to time must be calculated [11]: Real GRDP (at Constant Prices) is used to measure the economic growth because GRDP value is not affected by price change with formula as the following:
As part of the new extension Capita will continue to work with the school to support them with their IT vision.
West Virginia had the highest lifetime costs per capita for fatal unintentional injuries ($815), the highest unintentional injury mortality rate among males (95.
A third of the $67,674 per capita economy comes from oil revenues, while the service sector and telecommunications also contribute significantly.
AIC per capita for twelve Member States lay between the EU average and 30 per cent below.
2 percent of GNI per capita and the Arab average of 5 percent of GNI per capita.
Average per capita income in Cherry Hills Village: $120,898
King County had the highest per capita income in the state with $68,877 and Ferry County had the lowest with $30,680.
A source close to Capita said last night: "Capita has failed to meet Army recruit-ment requirements and it couldn't come at a worse time.
5 million in dividends across the year to private firm Capita.