Capital Asset

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Capital Asset

Property held by a taxpayer, such as houses, cars, stocks, bonds, and jewelry, or a building owned by a corporation to furnish facilities for its employees.

Excluded from capital assets are certain items stated in the Internal Revenue Code, for example (1) trade or business property subject to depreciation allowance under the tax laws; (2) real property used in trade or business; (3) certain categories of copyrighted materials and Literary Property; and (4) accounts or notes receivable acquired in the ordinary course of business.

The determination of what constitutes a capital asset is essential to the tax treatment of the profits from the sale of property as capital gains, which are taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income.

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Waiting until year's end to assemble capital asset activity can lead to errors in reporting because some purchases may slip through the cracks and not be put into the system.
He joined Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC in 2010 as junior portfolio manager having worked for Daiwa since graduating from New York University in 2004.
A capital gain occurs when a taxpayer sells a capital asset at a profit; see Sec.
Because of the harsh criticism of these decisions, the Third Circuit reexamined the issue to clarify what property qualifies as a capital asset.
The GASB says that the guidance includes several disclosure requirements that will help financial statement users understand the nature and impact of impairment of capital assets.
15, 2004, the statement requires governments to assess major events--including physical damage, changes in legal or environmental factors and technological changes or obsolescence--affecting capital assets to determine whether they are impaired.
While seemingly not recognized as a tax doctrine unto itself, there are quite a few cases scattered throughout the law which support the proposition that excess property which a taxpayer obtains as a prerequisite to obtaining a targeted property will often be treated as a capital asset.
First, a discussion should be presented of any significant capital asset activities during the year.
Visitors to the site will have access to the company's excess capital asset solutions, case studies and consulting services.
Such an institution could purchase (discount) loans to all kinds of expanded capital asset associations, such as employee stock ownership trusts, consumer stock ownership trusts, community real estate investment trusts, and so on.
According to Monti, CAM-produced engineering and financial reports assist companies in determining how they can preserve and enhance the value of their capital asset portfolio.

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