capital murder

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The Dallas County capital murder indictment against the father says he killed Sherin "by a manner and means unknown to the grand jury," court records show.
The court ruled Medina didn't get a fair trial in 2008 because his lawyer refused to present a defense at the punishment phase, the part of the trial after a capital murder conviction where jurors weigh factors that will lead either to a death or life sentence.
Waco police Sergeant W Patrick Swanton said that while capital murder charges are likely, it is too early to determine how many gang members will face the charge.
Of course, the much-talked-about capital murder cases in which Yengich has been involved are memorable as well.
Muhammad, pictured, was convicted of capital murder after it was found he used a rifle, a beat-up car and a teenager who idolised him, to kill randomly and terrorise the area during last autumn's sniper spree.
Picking a jury in a capital murder case is a slow and intensive process because of the grave responsibility that rests with each juror.
TWO YEARS AGO the Chesapeake, Virginia, police made some decisions that led to an officer's death, then tried to convict a scapegoat of capital murder.
On that note, coverage of the Curtis Vance capital murder trial has been hampered by a ban on cameras inside the courtroom, but reporters have adjusted.
Their killers, Patrick McCann and Colm O'Shea, are the last remaining prisoners serving 40 years for capital murder in Portlaoise jail.
MEXICO -- A Mexican woman in Little Rock, Arkansas is getting help from the Mexican government with defense against capital murder charges that could send her to the execution chamber for killing her three small children in January.
Virginia (2002) that bans sentencing a mentally retarded individual to death, the Virginia General Assembly in 2003 established procedures for determining mental retardation in capital murder trials.

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