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The fair and reasonable estimation of the value of an item. The increase in the financial worth of an asset as compared to its value at a particular earlier date as a result of inflation or greater market demand.

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n. the increase in value through the natural course of events as distinguished from improvements or additions. (See: appreciate)

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To summarise, the longer you hold an asset such as property, the better the chances of it showing capital appreciation.
"Furthermore, due to its capacity of selling rights to aspects of capital appreciation on carefully selected stocks the Ephraim Global Improved Revenue Fund will be able to confidently deliver its targeted 5% yield and will represent the optimal solution for investors which demand a level of certainty regarding revenues with growth potential"
"Despite some global headwinds, we target the fund to remain as a pioneer investment and diversification vehicle in 2015 with robust income with attractive capital appreciation."
The hotel sector remained the laggard with a total return of 1.15 percent, including capital appreciation of negative 0.28 percent.
Brazil is considered now a much safer place to invest and a place where you can get capital appreciation and good yield."
Today, Prospector Capital Appreciation is a five-star, value-focused fund with S60 million in assets and one of the largest cash buyers of convertible securities (arbitrage players dominate the market), which Howard views as an excellent means to manage risk.
Under this rule, trustees can utilize modern portfolio theory and invest for capital appreciation in a diversified portfolio of equity and growth stocks.
The $51m Global Jordan Fund aims at achieving capital appreciation with optimum returns, within controlled levels of risk, over the medium to long term by investing in the ASE as well as in IPO and Pre-IPO issues in Jordan.
The Palestine Dedicated Fund, launched in April 2006, is aimed at achieving capital appreciation with optimum returns, within a controlled level of risk, over the medium- to long-term by investing in listed securities, IPOs and pre-IPOs issued in Palestine.
Investors continue to look for rapid capital appreciation at a time when the global economy is on a downward spiral." Mr.
He said: "I believe that it is unacceptable for investors to buy houses and then leave them empty to secure capital appreciation.

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