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'In the current uranium market environment, a key attribute of any uranium development project is the capital cost of development.
the use of the existing CIL Plant reduces total capital cost requirements
It would cost, at most, an estimated $256 million in capital costs, Kinney said.--NASHUA TELEGRAPH
H3--There is a significant relationship between the percentage changes in capital and the percentage changes in capital cost.
Dr Ben Williamson from Camborne said: "Not only does this new water treatment technique offer lower operational costs because of reduced electricity use, it also offers lower initial capital costs. We are now investigating routes for commercialisation."
Coal-fired power generation in North America has the third-highest regional sector impact, with an estimated $316.8 billion in natural capital costs, compared to $246.7 billion in revenue.
He said the capital cost of small enterprises is 5.75% higher, followed by medium-sized businesses at 5.63 % and big industries at 4.83%.
a capital cost review shall take place for Options 1, 2 & 3.
With zero capital costs, I could buy another 800 acres and retire on timber income.
The average annual capex per tonne of iron ore capacity in Australia is currently around $175/t, Renaissance Capital analysts say; whereas capital costs in the emerging West Africa hub and Russia/Ukraine are estimated to be 15-30 per cent lower at around $120-150/t.
In a November 2010 report of over 100 pages - and based on public records concerning actual or planned capital expenditures of several hundred different modernisation projects valued at ~$265 billion - the authors discuss typical capital costs at each main stage of the iron and steelmaking process.
Cost estimates for building Cape Wind run from $1 billion to $2 billion, meaning that its capital costs are roughly five times greater than those of a comparable natural gas plant and nearly double those of a modern coal-fired facility.

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