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CAPTATION, French law. The act of one who succeeds in controlling the will of another, so as to become master of it. It is generally taken in a bad sense.
     2. Captation takes place by those demonstrations of attachment and friendship, by those assiduous attentions, by those services and officious little presents which are usual among friends, and by all those means which ordinarily render us agreeable to others. When those attentions are unattended by deceit or fraud, they are perfectly fair, and the captation is lawful; but if, under the mask of friendship, fraud is the object, and means are used to deceive the person with whom you are connected, then the captation is fraudulent, and the acts procured by the captator are void. See Influence.

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Donc, il faut remarquer que les modeles politiques occidentaux n'auraient que peu de chances de s'universaliser s'ils ne trouvaient pas, hors de leur lieu d'invention, une entreprise active de captation.
On le remarque egalement lorsqu'il est question d'influence indue et de captation, dans quel cas l'age avance peut etre presente comme un element facilitant l'exploitation du donateur ou du testateur--caractere libre et eclaire du consentement (B).
Mobibase is in charge of the captation, the encoding and the streaming on all connected devices; feature phones, smart phones, tablet, web and when requested IPTV and Smart TV.
The station includes an aerial for signal captation and a solar panel box.
Typologie des roles du citoyen local Direction de la relation Reception Emission Associe politique Incorporation Appropriation Opinion Aviseur Editorialiste Decision Co-decideur Organisateur politi Pratiquant brstitutionnel Absorption Contribution Contrainte Administre Contribuable Choix Usager/client Co-producteur Societaire local Captation Promotion Interaction Clubiste Reseauteur Consommation Acheteur/rentier Entrepreneur Tableau 2.
The requirement of this style of desire can only be satisfied in an inexhaustible captation of the desire of the other, pursued even in his dreams by the dreams of the subject, implying at each moment a complete abdication of the true desire of the other .
Il est dans une operation de captation des votes", a assure Louis Aliot, l'un des principaux dirigeants de l'extreme droite.
In the background of captation and its possible substitutes, one can discern the will to encircle, to surround, to enroll, to deflect, to catch, to include or to seduce users, clients, consumers, in short, all the likely actors from whom money can be made by captation, but a priori outside their control.
Toutefois, l'objectif de captation de population est bien l'un des moteurs de la guerre, mais dans une perspective sociale et spirituelle plutot qu'economique et demographique ; Havard, supra note 9 aux pp.
Comme plusieurs reseaux souillent les prises d'eau potable des municipalites, l'ingenieur sanitaire espere, a l'aide de donnees sur l'etendue de la contamination, obtenir une legislation pour empecher ces municipalites de contaminer l'eau pres des zones de captation du systeme d'adduction.
2004): La captation des publics: "c'est pour mieux te seduire, mon client", Toulouse, Presses Universitaires du Mirail.