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CAPTATION, French law. The act of one who succeeds in controlling the will of another, so as to become master of it. It is generally taken in a bad sense.
     2. Captation takes place by those demonstrations of attachment and friendship, by those assiduous attentions, by those services and officious little presents which are usual among friends, and by all those means which ordinarily render us agreeable to others. When those attentions are unattended by deceit or fraud, they are perfectly fair, and the captation is lawful; but if, under the mask of friendship, fraud is the object, and means are used to deceive the person with whom you are connected, then the captation is fraudulent, and the acts procured by the captator are void. See Influence.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Para la selection de los sitios se tuvo en cuenta que el area de captation de las microcuencas estuviera dominada por matrices de pasturas y que los arroyos no recibieran contamination puntual por factores diferentes a los generados por la ganaderia.
L'excitation physiologique oblige la captation de gestalt, voilant par consequent la reelle physicalite des couleurs.
These proteins are responsible for the selective captation and transport of small hydrophobic compounds (odors) into the sensilar lymph, for an aqueous solution that fills the sense organs into membrane olfactive receptors in the neuron cell and for carrying pheromones into insects glands [14, 15].
La JFM a resulte en une captation d'elite des ressources forestieres, permettant une regeneration des forets degradees, bien que la qualite de cette regeneration ne semble avoir eu que des resultats mixtes.
Further innovations include bicycle-safe storm drains and grates, heavy duty castings for concrete highways and airports, and new designs for water captation to bring more water down a storm drain during a heavy downpour.
Importantly, in GB, response to therapy often results in enhancement of the captation of the contrast medium that can be disguised as progression ("pseudoprogression") challenging the imaging assessment of the disease [97].
Estudio preliminar de captation de juveniles de moluscos bivalvos en la Bahia de La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico.
Parathyroid scintigraphy described a discrete asymmetry of captation at the inferior pole of the right thyroid lobe, which could suggest a parathyroid hyperplasia (Figure 4).