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To assume control or management of a corporation without necessarily obtaining actual title to it.

A takeover bid or tender offer is a proposal made by one company to purchase shares of stock of another company, in order to acquire control thereof.


Mergers and Acquisitions.


noun acquirement of a corporation, acquisition of a company, appropriation, assumption of control over management, assumption of ownership, obtainment, procurement, procurement of a business, purchase: acquirement, assumption, attainment, possession, procuration, securement
Associated concepts: corporate raider, corporate takeover, friendly takeover, hostile takeover, tender offer, white knight


verb arrogate, assume, command, seize, take command, take charge, take possession, usurp
See also: condemnation
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The capture plan must be straightforward yet contain all the necessary ingredients to present management with a clear understanding of the opportunity and confidence that business development personnel have performed the required due diligence on the targeted acquisition.
In addition, by setting schedules and target dates for each action's completion, the capture plan provides a mechanism for the leader and executives to track the capture team's progress.
As we look forward, our synergy capture plans remain on track and we expect to make continued progress in 2018 as we drive toward our 2019 goals of $2 billion of comparable EBITDA and in excess of $1 billion of free cash flow," Hayes said.
Lee Tillman, Marathon's chief executive, said at a recent conference that while his company already has specific gas capture plans, conforming to the new regulations "will take a lot of work and a lot of investment.