Car accident, insurance lapsed

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Country: United States of America
State: Colorado

August 12th 2005 I was in a care accident. My car insurance had lapsed a week prior. The accident was my fault. The other driver of the other car hoped out and begged my not to call the police because he only had five days left on patrol. He said he would just tell his insurance company that He was hit in a parking lot and he would contact me to pay the deductible. He took my name and address and drove away. I never even got his name. My roommate came to get me and as she was driving two blocks over she saw that same guy being pulled over by the police for big carpet rolls hanging out of the back of his truck. I don't know if he was arrested or not. I had never heard from him again. Now I get a judgment in the mail saying I owe $4,574.25 for damages. What I think happened is the guy I hit was not the real owner of the car, I think the real owner is now trying to collect. What are my rights? What if the driver at the time told me I would only have to pay a deductible? What if a police report was never made? What if the driver at that time was not a licensed driver and someone else is trying to claim it on his insurance?


You can argue that you thought an arrangement had been made--now you may still file a police report.
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