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Three out of every four consumers said they consider connected car services an important feature in their next car purchase, according to a new AT&T Drive Studio and Ericsson study documenting the significant influence that connected car features and services are expected to have on customers' vehicle purchase decisions in the future.
To differentiate it, the new car features restyled bumpers and a honeycomb radiator grille as well as smoked rear lights and flared sills.
The car features the same V8 powering the MP12-4C, tuned to produce an extra 111bhp.
The car features compact aluminium and carbon fibre reinforced plastic bodywork that weighs only 1,350kg, despite carrying a lithium ion battery pack.
Inside, the car features an upgraded audio system including Bluetooth connectivity, as well as slight changes to the trim.
Average fuel economy has been improved by 16% to 41.5mpg and the car features a new two-litre direct injection petrol engine.
This iconic car features in the book, in the section titled Keep Doing the Pools, Father.
The show car features four wheel drive and a turbo-charged engine.
The latest version of Britain's top selling car is being unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in America, where Ford says the new model will offer big car features.
The Refi car features an air conditioner that can produce an air flow containing vitamin C, which is said to be good for skin, by saturating the component in a filter of the air conditioner, the manufacturer said.
The car features a modular aluminium body and is powered by a supercharged 5.4 litre V8 producing more than 500bhp and 500lb ft of torque.
Jay's car features his trademark Jamiroquai 'buffalo man' in silhouette repeating on the doors and rear quarter panels with the distinctive head logo appearing on the bonnet.