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Carabine, Deirdre (1994) "Eriugena's use of the symbolism of light, cloud, and darkness in the Periphyseon".
9 BALLADEER: Damien Dempsey LITTLE GEM: Gemma Hayes FUNNY MAN: Lenny Henry WHERE YOU BINE: Seamus Carabine ZIPPITY DO DA: Have a wonderful day on the zip line SIMPLY WONDERFUL: The Wonderstuff THAT: Kando Bongo Man TOP BOGS: Peatbog Faeries
Carabine chooses to read "Big Two-Hearted River" as "one of the best accounts of euphoria in the language" (44), yet he challenges and perhaps subverts his own reading by Observing "that the psychological meaning of euphoria is 'unfounded feelings of optimism, strength'" (44, emphasis mine).
Carol Barker's An Oba of Benin (1977) and Erica Powell's Kwame Nkrumah of the New Africa (1961) are biographical works that are illustrated respectively by the author Barker, and by Carabine.
De plus, en parlant de la vengeance a venir de Montes, Carabine, la courtisane, dit : << Le pistolet est si bien charge que j'ai peur qu'il n'eclate >> (447).
Allowing the people not to be controlled by insurgents and allowing them to live freely and not in the grip of fear is what will win the insurgency", said Captain Conlon Carabine, commander of India Company of the Third Battalion, Sixth Marine Division, after Marines had finished clearing the last house in their area of Karabila on Nov.
We met more resistance than I expected,' said US Captain Conlon Carabine of Indian Company of the Third Battalion, Sixth Marine Regiment.
Carabine notes that "as its generic title spotlights, ['The Tale'] is a self-conscious artifice" (xxiii).
De Lucena Severall Handishes & Chafen dish Do 1 Iron Trivett Do 1 Picture Do 1 Smal old Carabine Do 1 pr.
ALLY'S ELEVEN: Alan Rough, Jimmy Carabine, Willie Woodburn, George Young, Danny McGrain, Graeme Souness, Willie Waddell, Archie Gemmill, Joe Jordan, Kenny Dalglish and Bobby Mitchell.
Presentant le film des evenements avec diapositives a l'appui, le responsable de la Brigade de lutte contre le crime organise du BCIJ a precise que les membres de la bande operaient au niveau de plusieurs villes et regions, notamment a Agadir, El Jadida, Safi, Marrakech, Meknes et Berrechid, terrorisant les habitants en utilisant differents types d'armes dont une carabine et un fusil de chasse a canon scie.