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CARAT, weights. A carat is a weight equal to three and one-sixth grains, in diamonds, and the like. Jac. L. Dict. See Weight.

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Excluding the sale of the LLR, the average sales price for 2017 was USD647 per carat which was in line with the 2016 average sales price of USD649, excluding the sale of the 813 carat Constellation diamond.
Despite the steady increase in pricing achieved during the course of the year on a quarter by quarter basis, it is likely that the annual average price for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2017 will fall below Stornoways 2017 pricing guidance of US$100 to US$132 per carat given the outlook for the rough diamond market for the remainder of the year.
70 carats of natural fancy pink diamonds, and more than 1 carat in white diamond accents, all set in platinum, $350,000
The Carat Security Group is an industry leader with over 130 years experience in the mobile armored security and coach-building market.
The Cullinan Mine is renowned for the discovery of the largest rough gem diamond ever found at 3106 carats and is now form part of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.
6 carat diamond which yielded a fancy vivid blue and internally flawless 7.
pounds 3000 Saving Off High Street Prices One carat diamond rings in high street jewellers are often priced at over pounds 5000.
Color and clarity are predetermined by nature, but within the limits imposed by the rough stone, the particular shape as well as the carat weight and cut are determined in the production process.
The sales value per carat for this parcel is 99% higher than the average sales value per carat received over the prior 12 months and reflects strong market demand and high prices for the large, high quality diamonds recovered from the Chapada deposit.
n A seven-carat Ceylon sapphire ring set with two carats of baguettes and brilliant diamonds in 18-carat whitegold.
00 per carat or 89% of target price before taxes(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.