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Not counting the M16, more Ml Carbines (and variants) were made than any other American long gun in history.
I read Holt Bodinson's article on the Starr carbine in the November issue with great interest, as until recently I had a Starr carbine (obtained from the "Rotunda" at Woolwich Arsenal, it was one of the Starrs used in the Cavalry Trials).
made MI Carbines, some with a 21-inch tapered barrel.
Over 9,000,000 authentic M16 rifles and M4 carbines have been installed for military and law enforcement use around the world.
A number of the carbines were issued to the 10th and 18th Hussars and the 6th Dragoon Guards, members of which regiments made it known that they were wholly satisfied with the arms, resulting in an order for 20,000 more.
To see for myself the current state of affairs, I hunted down enough carbines in 9mm to keep me busy and added one in .
That stands for "Alteration One," and such were M1A1 carbines and M1A1 SMG's.
In 1841 Jenks received a contract to supply the Navy with 4,000 carbines produced by N.
All carbines shall be of the same make and model, be current models, and be new.
FNH USA announces the Killeen, Texas, police department has purchased 231 new FN 15 Carbines.
The Army failed to negotiate a lower per-unit cost with Colt before launching a competition to replace the rifle, even though the assistant secretary of the Army said that at a "reasonable price," the Army would continue to purchase M4 carbines, the report said.
In terms of sheer numbers, the army's plan would translate into buying more than a lakh weapons -- a mix of assault rifles, carbines, light machine guns and sniper rifles.