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The research also showed that the carbon chain anions were more plentiful in the upper levels of Titan's atmosphere and the supply depleted as Cassini went close to the surface of the moon.
The experimental data indicates that the length of carbon chain of the alkyl oxygen group effects on the phase stability of methanol-gasoline significantly.
2a), there are four possible fracture points during oil shale pyrolysis: 1) C-C bond at position [gamma] in the carbon chain branched to the aromatic ring, 2) C-C bond at position [alpha] in the carbon chain branched to the pyrrole ring, 3) C-C bond at position [beta] near the carboxylic acid species, and 4) C-N bond in the pyrrolic ring.
When fertilizer was mixed with oily sludge in which consortium (T3) was also present, degradation of all carbon chain hydrocarbons remained same.
There are a huge range of organic compounds depending partly on what kind of carbon chains you define as "organic" and how simple or complicated you want to make the inorganic/organic distinction.
Fatty acid profile by GCMS depicted the presence of acetic acid and 6- 8 carbon chain fatty acids in the mucus extracted from both anesthetized and alkali treated groups.
Factors affecting superhydrophobicity being investigated include the concentration of organic coating solutions, galvanic deposition time of Copper, and the length of carbon chain of the organic acid chlorides used as an outer protecting coating.
A novel BODIPY dye with a 17 carbon chain at the meso position was successfully synthesized from the corresponding acid chloride and the 3-ethyl-2,4 dimethylpyrrole according to a literature procedure (Nagi et al.
The estrogenic potencies of FIAs and FDIAs correlate well with the carbon chain length of the chemicals.
Saturated FAs have single bonds along the whole carbon chain.
C6 chemistry avoids the formation of any C8 breakdown products such as PFOA (perfluoroctanoic acid), a carbon chain solvent commonly used in non-stick finishes for cookware, without sacrificing high-performing stain resistance.