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The annual carbon fixation amount in the ecosystems of Moso bamboo stands did not decrease with cultivation years, whereas those in the ecosystems of near-mature Chinese fir and Masson pine stands decreased with tree age (Fang et al.
05 Table 6 Comparison of Annual Carbon Fixation Amounts of Different Stand Ecosystems (t C/ha/year) Forest stand Vegetation floor Current C (l)) Thinned C (2)) Subtotal Moso bamboo stand 2.
2004) reported that bamboo forest had the highest carbon fixation ability (14.
2007) showed that annual carbon fixation amounts of PP forest ecosystem were much greater than in the ecosystems of Chinese fir and masson pine stands (Ye et al.
Furthermore, in the studies of carbon fixation amounts by bamboo forests, a great deal of attention has been focused on PP forest system.
It is well known that the high capacity of carbon fixation in plants is due to the high photosynthetic efficiency (Gratani et al.
These results provided evidence pointing towards the role of carbon accumulation in cell walls, by ensuring a continuous carbon fixation to the cellulose and hemicellulose, the fixed structural components of bamboo cell walls, which in turn facilitated the rapid carbon assimilation in the source by contributing to the biomass accumulation.
It was also found that the accumulation of biomass was well correlated with its growth with carbon fixation playing a major role.
Dark carbon fixation studies on the intertidal macroalga Ascophyllum nodosum (Phaeophyta).
Light independent carbon fixation by marine macroalgae.
ISG's carbon fixation technology allows us to ensure that fly ash continues to be recycled and even expands the universe of ash that is suitable for recycling.
The Head of Technology in Rio Tinto, John O'Reilly, said, "Rio Tinto welcomes the opportunity to work with Maxygen on this carbon fixation project, which has the potential to be of significant environmental benefit.