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He said modern techniques of treating cardiac diseases were already practised in developed countries and soon it would be possible in the country.
The study authors found that cardiac disease was an independent risk factor for naMCI, and a same-sex comparison showed a stronger association for women.
GeneSeq[R]: Cardio is a useful tool to identify individuals that may require regular cardiac screening, lifestyle changes, or clinical intervention to prevent the progression of cardiac disease and secondary complications," said Dr.
In the study cohort as a whole, the incidence of MCI was higher among subjects with cardiac disease (73.
We need to know this funding is being spent effectively for the benefit of people at risk of or with cardiac disease.
6%) had structural cardiac disease, including seven patients with MVR two with AS (one of the three patients with AS had mild AS), one with hypertrophic CMR one with decreased systolic function, one with noncompaction, one with multiple chambers in left ventricle, one with ASD with left main coronary compression.
We also performed a linear regression analysis in the whole study population (n = 142), which revealed a significant influence of the presence of cardiac disease (P <0.
In addition, the death-receptor-induced apoptotic pathway is reportedly involved in the pathogenesis of cardiac disease (Scheubel et al.
The study also suggested that women smokers were slightly more susceptible to cardiac disease.
Nevertheless, exercise can trigger SCD if there is pre-existing cardiac disease and/or a heart abnormality.
Risk was "especially high" in diabetic patients with pre-existing cardiac disease.
Depressed individuals who had no prior heart disease died of cardiac disease at nearly the same rate as those who began the study with heart problems.