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Mean number of Diaphorina citri adults collected per vacuum sample as a function of citrus height and cardinal direction of exposure during winter in 2013.
As per the new system all highways and main roads will have route numbers as well as cardinal directions.
Street mapping provides a position in space with a cardinal direction, the street the traveler is walking on, and the nearest civic number.
30) shar "East" is the past stem of 'char "arise" and indicates therefore succinctly "the cardinal direction in which the sun rises (or: has risen).
Using the cardinal direction navigation bar in the top lefthand corner of the home page allows one to navigate by zooming out for global news and zooming in for local news.
Analysis of variance models were used to test for differences in means due to sites, years, and cardinal direction and distance from the site tree, as well as interactions among these factors.
Two particularly distinctive features of the landscape are the grandfather rocks and cardinal direction markers.
Marking the cardinal direction of south in the facility is a skylight.
For example, spiders are relatively restricted in their movements and can move only one space in a cardinal direction (N, S, E, W) at a time.