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It is especially so in Chinese culture, as cardinal directions have become an integrative part of its symbolic classification system that defines the physical and the social reality.
The underworld is organised according to the four cardinal directions, and one of Knab's informants relates that inside the underworld there 'are fourteen of everything [.
20), no significant difference was noted for adelgid numbers on trees from the cardinal directions.
Chapters are arranged by the four cardinal directions and use four major court cases in which Indians fought against destruction of key sacred places to bring together both past belief and modern controversies surrounding these places.
Just familiarizing yourself with how features on a map look in real perspective will eliminate confusion and help you maintain cardinal directions.
Like many Native structures, it faces due east--to catch the rising sun--and is positioned to the four cardinal directions (see GeoSkills, p.
Malo's text hints that cardinal directions could have been important, and the positioning of the "audiences" in the south or west suggests that the main axes of orientation were therefore to the north and east.
It encompasses the four cardinal directions, the four seasons, and other expressions of four that represent the whole of anything.
Unlike traditional orthogonal - or top down - aerial and satellite capture, Pictometry's high-resolution metric oblique images show each side of every structure, roadway and other outdoor objects across Central London, with views from all four cardinal directions.
One set, "Important places on the map," described nine locations frequented by CSB students in terms of cardinal directions and the streets by which they are bordered.
LME and LMS were found during systematic surface mapping of settlement transects orientated in those cardinal directions from the civic core of the large Classic Maya city of La Milpa in northwestern Belize (Tourtellot et al.
Systems being tested include rigid and spray insulations, exterior cladding, and various framing techniques, in all cardinal directions.