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CARDINAL, eccl. law. The title given to one of the highest dignitaries of the court of Rome. Cardinals are next to the pope in dignity; he is elected by them and out of their body. There are cardinal bishops, cardinal priests, and cardinal deacons. See Fleury, Hist. Eccles. liv. xxxv. n. 17, II. n. 19 Thomassin, part ii. liv. i. oh. 53, part iv. liv. i. c. 79, 80 Loiseau, Traite des Ordres, c. 3, n. 31; Andre, Droit Canon, au mot.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A partir de aqui han sido identificadas las principales estrellas que protagonizan sus paginas, y han sido seleccionadas tres de las mas asiduas: Claudia Cardinale, Elisabeth Taylor y Brigitte Bardot.
Exemplos tipicos desse efeito sao os impactos sofridos por nossos pes contra o solo em uma corrida, a sensacao de um ciclista ao descer uma trilha ou o impacto de uma parte do corpo contra algum tipo de equipamento esportivo, direta ou indiretamente (Cardinale e Wakeling, 2005).
Cardinale's strength translated when Hollywood came calling, point blank refusing to sign an exclusive contract with a movie studio.
"For 54 years I've been doing this work [acting] and I have received so many prizes I don't know where to put them," Cardinale told Khaleej Times.
cardinale isolates of diseased tree samples from seven Mediterranean countries, eight California counties, Chile and New Zealand.
My name is Jessie Cardinale and I'm the Executive Editor of State Constitutional Commentary.
The editors are affiliated as follows: Marco Cardinale (British Olympic Medical Institute, Institute of Sport Exercise and Health, University College London; Schools of Medical Sciences, U.
Whole body vibration (WBV) devices have been primarily designed for professional athletes in order to increase strength capabilities of muscles (Cardinale and Bosco, 2003).
Cardinale, D., Colombo, A., Torrisi, R., Sandri, M.T., Civelli, M., Salvatici, M., .
Christopher Cardinale was chosen to illustrate this story due to his experience as a "cartoonist and community muralist with a social justice message."