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The caretaker Cabinet discussed a number of issues, including the minutes of a ministerial meeting for resolving issues in Raqqa province, and issues affecting implementation of contracts due to the current circumstances in the country.
March 14 parliamentarians told The Daily Star the new government, even if it is a caretaker government by failing to win a vote of confidence, is preferable to a void, adding that even handicapped, a new caretaker Cabinet is better than the current caretaker government.
The amendments were adopted with one of the last decisions of Bulgaria's former caretaker cabinet, chaired by ex-PM Marin Raykov, Monday last week.
ISLAMABAD -- Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting Arif Nizami said that the caretaker cabinet will relinquish his responsibilities on the 5th of next month.
ATHENS, Greece, Jumada II 26, 1433, May 17, 2012, SPA -- Greece is swearing in the caretaker cabinet that will lead the country into repeat elections next month, after a deadlocked vote sparked more political turmoil and brought the country's euro membership into question, according to AP.
The deal signed between the two former rivals in May called for the establishment of a caretaker Cabinet which would prepare for legislative and presidential elections within a year, but it was never implemented.
The military, which took charge after Mubarak's ouster, has warned against labor unrest and the caretaker cabinet has issued a law banning strikes.
This decision was made by a caretaker cabinet following a request from the UN just two weeks after the fall of the center-left government on Feb.
Lebanese people should be ashamed of themselves for staying over four months without a genuine government to cater for their important issues and settling for a caretaker cabinet which is unable to make any hard decisions, the local daily AD DIYAR's editor-inchief and publisher Charles Ayyoub said Wednesday.
An outgoing government, followed by a caretaker cabinet, cannot have a say in such significant issues.
Provided further that the Members of the Caretaker Cabinet shall be appointed on the advice of the caretaker Chief Minister:
A government that does not win [Parliament's] confidence must not take over from a caretaker Cabinet and its role should not be to oversee the presidential election because legally it does not exist," he added.