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She dedicated her life to caring for others, but when she was reliant upon others to care for her, she was totally let down.
They do household chores for just over 2 hours and spend 1 hour and 40 minutes caring for others.
Her comments reminded me that caring for others was a privilege.
The Land of Sokmunster is a wildly adventurous and remarkably wordy picturebook about a young boy's adventure in the Land of Sokmunster, where a lost sock learns of friendship, an old sock king discovers forgiveness, and a boy ingrains the meaning of responsibility and caring for others.
This caring for others is the base for dimensions of spiritual wellness like connectedness and compassion and is consonant with the values espoused in public education through activities like peer-mediation (Mastroianni & Dinkmeyer, 1980) and peer-helping (Myrick & Bowman, 1983).
These pensioners have lived their lives giving to society and caring for others - surely they should be given more resources than this in their later years.
It is necessary to energize your own life force, then caring for others becomes more joyful instead of burdensome.
But as passionate as she is about leading Hart in its dogged pursuit of league-favorite Valencia, Barcus is the first to admit caring for others, especially youths, is a lot more important to her than volleyball.
While caring for others is a great ministry, my concerns left me hesitant to claim my own power, reluctant to step into roles where my gifts could best be used and my call honored.
With an eye on caring for others, conscientious clergy and caregivers ignore their own needs and often end up stressed out and over-whelmed.
In the sixth chapter, he addresses some of the more negative aspects of being a helper, including "compassion fatigue," the stress of caring for others, and self-doubt.
Topics such as responsibility, sharing, and caring for others should also be discussed.