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Mum dedicated her life to caring for others, but when she " was reliant upon others to care for her, she was totally let down.
On the weekends, women spend just over 5 hours caring for others.
Ben's brother Adam said: "Cath and Ben dreamed of a married life caring for others in the community - Cath as a doctor and Ben as a physiotherapist.
AN ARMY of North East volunteers who spend their working lives caring for others will be helping with a massive recruitment drive.
The fund offers grants of between pounds 100 and pounds 5, 000 to groups based on a set of values and principles such as social responsibility and caring for others.
The accolade will be presented to a youngster under 16 years of age, whose selfless devotion to caring for others is deserving of recognition.
They've worked hard all their lives, caring for others and now when they need care themselves, they are being cast aside.
This is not a book to be left on the shelf but one to be put in the hands of the people of God so that the church may continue in its mission of loving and caring for others.
VALENCIA - Nurse Paris Kretik has worked nearly every ward at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital in the past 15 years, but when she was diagnosed with fast-spreading colorectal cancer in 1998, her dedication to caring for others was turned inward.
The Order of St John's history of caring for others dates back more than 900 years.
The virtuous woman was constantly busy caring for others.
Beyond caring for others, one in every four Americans will become disabled at some time in their lives and almost one in seven individuals will become disabled for five years or more prior to age 65.