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Carnivory in the bromeliad Brocchinia reducta, with a cost/benefit model for the general restriction of carnivorous plants to sunny, moist, nutrient-poor habitats.
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Hominid carnivory and foraging strategies, and the socio-economic function of early archaeological sites.
If it is assumed that normal feeding provides these reserves, as most studies of carnivory suggest, and the chemical analysis presented here suggests, then episodic capture may provide an additional accumulation.
Gut structure and function may be expected to change with this ontogenetic shift from carnivory to herbivory.
As a test of this prediction, a survey of estrogen and testosterone concentrations in a wide range of vertebrate species representing carnivory, omnivory, specialist herbivory, and generalist herbivory should reveal a general pattern of increasing sex steroid concentrations.
This pattern of carnivory differed significantly by month but did not differ significantly by location or by year.
On the whole, the researchers say their results indicate that bladderwort growth was not significantly affected by addition of nitrogen, but did benefit from carnivory.
All the trophic strategies, from suspensivory and detritivory to carnivory, are present in each size category.
Putting plants out there that feed insects," says Tufts, "provides the base food in the chain of carnivory for other animals we want to see in our backyard.
Stanford, an anthropologist at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, watches this scene of unbridled carnivory from a safe distance.