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CARAT, weights. A carat is a weight equal to three and one-sixth grains, in diamonds, and the like. Jac. L. Dict. See Weight.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the module covered with anti-UV LDPE, there was greater association with the variables content of carotenoids (CAROT; 3.04 mg [L.sup.-1]), stomatal conductance (gs; 364.23 mmol [m.sup.-2] s-1), root volume (RV; 2.16 [cm.sup.3]), PAR (3.68 MJ [m.sup.-2] [d.sup.-1]), GSR (10.68 MJ [m.sup.-2] [d.sup.-1], TAIR (30.7 [degrees]C), saccharose content (SAC; 215.5 mg [L.sup.-1]) and content of total soluble carbohydrates (TSC; 167.9 mg [L.sup.-1]).
The Chl a + b and Carot contents only showed significant differences in plants from culture media supplemented with 15 g [L.sup.-1] sucrose and NAA and subjected to 54 days of drought stress, with values 24.8% and 28.8% higher than respective controls.
Manuel Jover, Julia Colomer, Jose Miguel Carot, Christina Larsson, Maria Teresa Bobes, Jose Luis Ivorra, Ramon Martin-Brufau and Julio Sanjuan
(Denis Carot, President, Elzevir Films, interviewed by Shannon Wells-Lassagne, Paris, 17 January 2012).
Aunque tambien se encuentra una simbiosis entre valores intrinsecos y extrinsecos de manera mas equitativa cuando se profundiza en los valores de los egresados; ya trabajadores en activo (Mora, Garcia-Aracil y Vila; 2007; Conchado, Cortes, Mora y Carot, en prensa).