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The relationship between carrying costs and other inventory related costs (such as ordering costs).
Critical inventory optimization solutions can not only free up significant capital tied to inventory carrying costs but also ensure asset uptime for industries that operate around the clock and in remote locations," said Bill Polk, Research Director, AMR Research.
In WTU's case, the court reversed and remanded to the PUCT the 1990 Court of Appeals decision upholding an order of the PUCT that permitted WTU to defer post-in-service operations and maintenance costs and carrying costs associated with the Oklaunion power plant.
We have lowered our inventory carrying costs while at the same time have increased turns by always having the optimum amount of products in stock to satisfy our customers' demands.
This figure does not include the carrying costs of the building's private owner or the legal fees of either party.
Those 1993 changes enabled the company to reduce annual operating costs by more than $3 million and write the carrying costs of real estate down to estimated realizable values.
The Missouri Public Service Commission has clarified that all prudent carrying costs (including hedging costs) are recoverable through the PGA mechanism.
Instead of producing a positive cash flow for the building, HUD seems willing to take a $50 million hit to demolish the building, relocate its tenants, build the new town-houses and continue to cover Hill Manor's mortgage and carrying costs," said Randolph J.
The company's financial services subsidiary, PriMerit Bank, reported net income of $6,596,000 in 1993 (contributing $1,655,000 to consolidated net income after deducting tax-effected carrying costs associated with its acquisition by Southwest Gas Corp.
With the release of these products, companies can experience greater return on assets, improvements in transportation operations, lower inventory carrying costs and shorter order to cash cycle times.
However, the district court did not allow the inclusion of the deferred Oklaunion carrying costs in rate base.
The reduced carrying costs ensure a strong financial outlook for the community over the next ten years and should greatly enhance the financial stability of this community and the value of individual cooperative apartments.