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31 trillion in 2006, with inventory carrying costs accounting for most of that growth.
Before laying out the methodology for arriving at a more accurate capital-charge number, we first briefly review issues related to estimating inventory noncapital carrying costs.
Bad debt and carrying costs can be reduced by credit investigation.
The relationship between carrying costs and other inventory related costs (such as ordering costs).
Inventory carrying costs rose 17% to $393 million, the largest jump since Wilson and her colleagues began tracking these statistics in the 1980s.
Most obvious, of course, is the fact that if sponsors are finally allowed to charge market rents for their unsold units, their financial burdens will be significantly eased, creating a decrease in the shortfall between their own carrying costs and the revenues they generate.
This figure does not include the carrying costs of the building's private owner or the legal fees of either party.
Instead of producing a positive cash flow for the building, HUD seems willing to take a $50 million hit to demolish the building, relocate its tenants, build the new town-houses and continue to cover Hill Manor's mortgage and carrying costs," said Randolph J.