Carte blanche

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CARTE BLANCHE. The signature of an individual or more, on a while. paper, with a sufficient space left above it to write a note or other writing.
     2. In the course of business, it not unfrequently occurs that for the sake of convenience, signatures in blank are given with authority to fill them up.. These are binding upon the parties. But the blank must be filled up by the very person authorized. 6 Mart. L. R. 707. Vide Ch. on Bills, 702 Penna. R. 200. Vide Blank.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Following Artuso-Royer's "Carte Blanche," another glass of wine and a cigarette or three, the capacity audience descended to the BAC auditorium to watch Tripoli-born guitar hero Osman Arabi perambulate through an elaborate electric guitar solo, played in remarkably soto voice.
Who cares whether Carte Blanche is realistic?" MATTHEW DUNN
"Carte Blanche was not 'a pastiche'," the BBC quoted Deaver as saying.
The day's Bond girl, who drove a BSA 1966 Spitfire motorbike to the launch, is inspired by one of Bond's love interests in Carte Blanche, whose passion for speed and fast engines rivals Bond's own.
"In the world of espionage, giving an agent carte blanche on a mission comes with an enormous amount of trust and constantly tests both personal and professional judgement.
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But upon closer inspection we learn that Carte Blanche is no blank check.
It was swiftly followed by the Carte Blanche then, eight years later, by American Express (left).
It also shows Levein has been given carte blanche by the SFA blazers to do things his way.
You'll have the rare opportunity to see Mats Ek's poignant duet Memory, Hans van Manen's beguiling pas de deux Trois Gnossiennes, the Norwegian group Carte Blanche in Hofesh Schechter's raucous and bracing Uprising, Jorma Elo's kinetically exciting Lost on Slow for the Royal Danish Ballet, and David Dawson's A Million Kisses to My Skin for English National Ballet.
To Val, it just means carte blanche to hammer Lily Butterfield over the cranium with a large guilt curtain pole.
Carte Blanche, the hard-hitting M-Net television investigative programme, also targeted the paediatric surgical departments at King Edward Hospital (KwaZulu-Natal), Bloemfontein Academic and Pretoria Academic hospitals for a 7-week, R20 million fund-raising blitz to mark their own 20th anniversary.