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QUART, measures. A quart is a liquid measure containing one-fourth part of a gallon.

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In an earlier report, published March 24, 2014, Gazeta do Povo journalists Mauri Konig and Diego Antonelli identified Cartes as "the greatest exponent of contraband cigarettes," explaining that he was "a modest cigarette distributor before opening up Tabacalera del Este (TABESA), but contraband proved to be a good business.
Testimonial from Dan Wagner , the Founder and CEO of Powa Technologies : "Today, CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS is one of the leading events in the entire world concerning the fields of payment, identification and mobility.
The CARTES Exhibition is a key event in FutureCard calendar as it gives us the opportunity to showcase our expertise as well as our technology in the payment industry," said Yalcintas "CARTES provides us with an excellent medium to highlight our expertise, and cutting edge card technology that is utilized by banks, governments, telecom operators, commercial institutions therefore individual consumers around the globe," he added.
And Maduro sent Cartes a letter of congratulations, pledging to do everything in his power for a "prompt return" of Paraguay to Mercosur.
Cartes won April's election with 46 percent support by promising to create many more jobs.
Cartes also promised to reform the Colorado Party that was voted out of power in 2008 after six decades of consecutive rule for alleged rampant corruption, saying he will lead "a serious, honest, capable, visionary and patriotic government".
Les cartes marocaines ont enregistre 52,1 millions d'operations pour un montant de 42,2 MMDH (+8,8 PC en nombre et +6,6 PC en montant), alors que les cartes etrangeres ont totalise 2,2 millions d'operations pour un montant de 3,7 MMDH (+6,3 pc en nombre et +8,3 pc en montant).
Nous examinons en premiere partie de cette etude l'environnement juridique des cartes de debit au Canada, soit la legislation, le Code de pratique canadien et les contrats bancaires.
These technologies will naturally be in the spotlight at CARTES & IDentification 2007, in a dedicated space--NFC * RFID * M2M * Transaction Security * Kiosk Technologies.
On April 23, CARTES America will host sessions on US NFC Implementation Actions and Results, EMV, NFC and Mobile Implementations, The Convergence of EMV and NFC, as well as case studies on European NFC implementations.
Le ministre de la Communication, Hamid Grine, a annonce, hier, a Constantine, que 800 journalistes, tous medias confondu, se sont vu attribuer la carte de journaliste professionnel sur les 1.
Isabelle Alfano , the CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS Event Director added, "New technologies are revolutionizing the daily lives of users in the ways that they shop.