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QUART, measures. A quart is a liquid measure containing one-fourth part of a gallon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This is just a most unfortunate affair; but what would ye have me do -- boxed up in this bee-skep of a cage of mine -- but just set my friends to the cartes, when I can get them?
Les sites marchands et sites des facturiers affilies au Centre monetique interbancaire (CMI) ont realise 2,3 millions d'operations de paiement en ligne via cartes bancaires, marocaines et etrangeres, pour un montant global de 1,1 milliard de dirhams (MMDH) durant le 1er trimestre 2019.
CARTES offers the widest range of label machines with hot stamping, silk-screen printing, flexo printing / varnishing, flat bed die-cutting, semi-rotary die-cutting, embossing units and with the exclusive LASER technology for die cutting and converting.
The opening of Paraguayan Embassy, one of the final acts of Cartes' presidency, which finishes in August, is a highly contested move.
For Cartes, the setback was a particularly heavy blow given the role he unnecessarily assigned himself as the PC's national campaign chief.
Les bons d'essence accordes a des agents de l'Etat eligibles a cette mesure seront remplaces par une carte petroliere intelligente, nous a indique le directeur central de l'exploitation et de la commercialisation des produits petroliers a la SNDP (Agil), Lahbib Mlawah.
"CARTES is the world's leading platform for card security, with its Paris exhibition the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate our products and services to 20,000 stakeholders from Europe and Africa who visit the exhibition every year," said Ayhan Yalcintas, CEO, FutureCard.
As cathedral bells pealed, Cartes prayed for "wisdom, prudence and justice to fulfill my duty to serve the noble Paraguayan people."
''I'm not in politics to make a career of it or become wealthier,'' the 57-year-old Cartes said in his inauguration speech, promising to strengthen Paraguay's international relations and its commitment to human rights.