CARTMEN. Persons who carry goods and merchandise in carts, either for great or short distances, for hire.
     2. Cartmen who undertake to carry goods for hire as a common employment, are common carriers. Story on Bailm. Sec. 496; and see 2 Wend. 327 2 N. & M. 88; 1 Murph. 41 7; 2 Bailey, 421 2 Verm. 92; 1 M'Cord, 444; Bac. Ab. Carriers, A.

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AS a patient registered with the practice in the Newlands Medical Centre, I fully endorse the praise of the doctors and services, made by R T Cartmen (Feelgood Factor, 08.05.08) I would, however, like to correct one point.
New York City had about 2500 cartmen in 1824-25, nearly half of whom were Irish.
(12) Graham Russell Hodges, New York City Cartmen, 1667-1850 (New York and London: New York UP, 1986), pp.