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One of these must-have regular inserts has always been the cartoon strip, of which the Liverpool ECHO has had some classics down the years.
Elkan Hershon with one of the cartoon strips about his missing <Bdogs Otto, top right, and Tico
Easily The Advocate's most beloved cartoon strip was about Wendel, an idealistic redhead, and his partner, Ollie.
These cartoon strips were serials with a cliff-hanger virtually every day so they would not work very well in a publication that comes every six weeks, we could not stand the suspense.
The famous letters page appeared in issue 4 in October 1980, but it was the cartoon strips which really captured the imagination of a whole generation.
Besides the oft-seen pictures of the tragedy, the exhibition on wheels also carries 21 cartoon strips, all drawn by children of the victims.
Some of the activities included creating posters, cyber widgets, cartoon strips and class anti-bullying char ters.
Black and white and facing color pages of cartoon strips make for an outstanding gathering with a focus on not just a lonely sea turtle looking for love, but other Sherman underwater characters.
He doodled cartoon strips "just to amuse myself" throughout university in Leeds, where he studied Art, but it wasn't until the late 70s that he decided to start getting paid for his talents.