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As for staff cartoonists, their tenure tends to be lengthy.
The job posting to the staff says the new cartoonist must be brilliant, insightful and "drastically independent" (quoting the Joseph Pulitzer platform).
Q: Are political cartoonists still under pressure to be patriotic?
The tensions that exist between cartoonists and editors, Rogers argued in one of his cartoons, result from two very different ways of thinking.
''Anpanman'' cartoonist Yanase said Yokoyama was not only a fellow countryman from Kochi, western Japan, but a man of experience who helped him become a full-fledged cartoonist.
Artist Giles - creator of the frantic family with the grumpy grandma drawings - was yesterday unveiled as the nation's favourite cartoonist.
At the top of most cartoonists' list of priorities is seeing their work syndicated.
The cartoonist, whose real name is Jean Plantureux, specialises in political satire, a type of cartoon featured in many newspapers thoughout the world.
This makes politicians view the art negatively." "They don't know one caricature is worth the same as a well-written article," said Kamal Sharf, another Yemeni cartoonist."In fact one ironic picture can provoke more ideas and thoughts than an article." Although Sharf said some people scoff at caricatures, calling it a source of entertainment, he praises the power of the cartoon, "I can make my voice and others' heard without restrictions." Cartoonists' ideas can reach a wide range of people from educated elites, students and scholars, to illiterate people, said Rashad Al-Samei, another Yemeni cartoonist.
Cartoons are more popular than ever, and as newspapers adjust to the digital world, many editors seem unable to figure out how to best position their cartoonists to take advantage of all the new tools available to them.
Leading political cartoonist of Indian Express, E P Unny moderated the session.
Matt Davies, who is staff cartoonist for The Journal News in White Plains, New York, the 2004 Pulitzer Prize-winner for editorial cartooning, and president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC), contends there is "an inherent shortsightedness to this buy-a-cartoon model" that many newspapers are turning to.