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According to Cascades, Intersan provides the green energy at a competitive price, enabling Cascades to fulfill a major part of the fuel requirements of the Saint-Jerome, Quebec, paper mill for the next 10 years, while also reducing its energy costs.
On Tuesday, the City Council gave final approval to including the Cascades on the city's list of historic cultural monuments.
Subsequently, the profiles are run through a three or four tank cleaning and cooling cascade and exit the system absolutely salt free, dry and at the required temperature.
Not only does iodine enhance the sensitivity of cells to radiation, but, he points out, when irradiated with X-rays of the proper energy, iodine will also become "activated," unleashing a cascade of biologically toxic electrons (see diagram).
The integration of Verisity's PCI Express eVC with Cascade Semiconductor's CascadeXpress(TM) design IP will be demonstrated at the 41st Design Automation Conference in San Diego.
Energy: An intriguing aspect of molecule cascades is their minuscule energy consumption.
IP Navigator is a trademark of Cascade Communications Corp.
and worldwide," said president and chief executive officer at Cascade Communications Corp.
In addition to supporting 56/64 Kilobits (Kbps), the most widely used port speeds for Frame Relay, the Cascade switches also support fractional T1, and full T1 and T3 speeds.
For the purposes of the proposed transaction, the electricity producing assets of Cascades Energie Inc.
For the purposes of the proposed transaction, the assets of Cascades Energie have been valued at $29,982,000 and 3089's interest in MegEner at $3,635,000.
In addition, Cascades Energie operates seven hydroelectrical power stations on the Sault-au-Cochon river in Forestville, the Jacques-Cartier river in Donnacona, the Nicolet river in Sainte-Brigitte-des- Saults and the Winneway river in the municipality of Laforce.